Solar Power : Risk Analysis

Installing a solar power system is expensive and filled with uncertainty:

  • Is the design correct for my application
  • Are the best products used in the design
  • Will I achieve the projected savings

There are a lot of solar companies that offer solar systems, but not all of them have the experience to offer the best solution for your requirements! Inexperienced suppliers could provide the wrong solution for your application with inferior products.

Here are a few pointers you can use when choosing between the different suppliers:

  • Experience: Does the supplier have extensive experience in my industry?
  • References: Can the supplier provide a list of contactable references of the same type of system proposed for me?
  • Monitoring: how will I be able to monitor the performance of my solar system
  • Equipment: Are the best equipment specified – you can use the Bloomberg report to get a list of the top solar PV manufacturers in the world

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