Grid Tied systems

Grid Tied systems

Grid Tied Solar systems are the most popular and economical system and a good step to going green.

Grid Tied systems are ideal for saving electricity costs and reducing monthly expenses, and offers the best Return on Investment

A Grid Tied system is very simple in design and consists of the following components:

  • Solar modules that collect sunlight and convert it into DC electricity
  • Inverter which receives the DC current and converts it into AC grid power

The solar generated power is connected through the inverter to the building’s grid at the main distribution board.

The inverter facilitates a seamless, dynamic interface between Grid Power and Solar Power, ensuring that there is always power supply going to the building and prioritizing the Solar Power supply so that the solar power is used first.

For example, if the power consumption is 100kW and solar is generating 95kW, then:

  • 95kW will be supplied from Solar with the inverter ensuring that the 95kW from Solar is used first
  • Grid power will supply the balance of 5kW

If power consumption is less than Solar Power supply, then no power will be drawn from the Grid.

There is no switching between Solar Power & Grid Power, but rather a continuous supply of both Solar Power & Grid Power with Solar Power supply being the first priority. Subsequently there is no dip in power supply to the building, and therefore the Grid Tie solution is safe to use with any and all sensitive equipment, including PC’s.

Grid Tie systems are fully expandable so that more Solar PV Panels can be added to the system to generate more Solar power. Battery Systems can at later stage be incorporated with Grid Tied systems.

Grid Tie systems can be added to existing warehouses, packaging plants and manufacturing plants or can be incorporated into the design and building of new premises. Grid Tied systems are available in Single Phase and Three Phase. There is no limit to the power supply potential of Grid Tied systems and can be implemented for small buildings with low power usage or big manufacturing plants with high power consumption.

Our Grid Tied system are compatible with Generators and UPS’s and are capable of Grid Feed-In

Grid Tied System are suitable for medium to large domestic, and all commercial and industrial applications.

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