Bi-Directional System

Bi-Directional System

Bi-Directional System is both a Hybrid- and a Grid Tied system, combining the best of both worlds.

This is a dual Solar feed system where one channel, like the Hybrid system, uses Solar power to charge batteries and supply power to the building. A second channel, like the Grid Tied system, supplies Solar power directly to all other circuits in the building during the day, for maximum savings.

The battery system can subsequently be smaller than the Hybrid system as the battery channel can be wired to only supply dedicated critical circuits which are required to receive power during power outage.

This solution is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Maximizing electricity savings in conjunction with battery back-up to ensure a steady power supply, even during power outage
  • Relative lower Capital layout compared to Hybrid system

Hybrid systems consists of the following components:

  • Solar modules that collect sunlight and converts it to DC power
  • Inverter (with built-in charge controller and regulator) which:
    • receives DC power from Solar modules
    • receives AC power from Eskom
    • charges batteries with either Solar power or Eskom power (based on programming)
    • discharges batteries and converts it into AC power for supply to the building
    • receives the DC current and converts it into AC grid power
  • Deep cycle batteries which are managed by the inverter to be correctly charged by Solar or Eskom & discharged to supply power to the building

Bi-Directional System are suitable for medium to large domestic and small commercial applications.

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