Now is the time for solar power – not Nuclear!

The writing is on the wall – it is time to become more independent from the Corrupt government and it’s inefficient SOE (State Owned Enterprises), especially Eskom.

The impending Russian nuclear deal will push up electricity prices to an unaffordable level, but you can hedge against that with you own solar power system.

In our homes we have become independent on many levels:

  • Fiber Internet replaced slowing Telkom ADSL
  • Showmax and Netflix replaced SABC
  • E-mails replaced the Post Office after a 6 month strike
  • Rain water is used in our garden and toilets
  • Solar Power is replacing Eskom Power

Can Solar Power work for me?” – you may ask. YES! Solar Power can work for every business and home!

In your Home

You do not have to go totally off the grid to start on the road of independence. It can be a phased approach in your home. During the day a lot of power is used for Swimming Pool, Geysers and washing and ironing.

All of this can be powered directly from the sun without expensive batteries

In your business

Most of the electricity in your business is used when the sun is shining – this can easily be replaced by Solar power!

If you are ready to start on the road of independence from Eskom, SEND ME YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL for your home and business and I will compile a obligation Free Solar Power proposal for you!

Will it be very expensive?” Most of the systems we design have a payback period of 3 years – not bad for a system that comes with a 25 year performance guarantee!

We would love to assist you on the road to independence – Send me your electricity bill today!