Inverters : Which one is the best for you – Grid Tied Systems

Solar systems seems complex with all the choices you must make to get to the right system for you. A solar system is defined by the type of inverter it use to produce electricity. There are a number of types, brands and philosophies available in the market. Which one is the best for your requirements?

We will try to simplify the system design by discussing the different inverters available to you.

Grid Tied Systems

Grid Tied systems is very simple in design and consists of 2 components:

  1. Solar modules that collect sunlight and convert it into DC electricity
  2. Inverter which receives the DC current and converts it into AC grid powe

This is how it works:

The Inverter is connected to the buildings distribution board

The inverter prioritize the Solar Power supply so that the solar power is always used first

When the electricity consumption is less than Solar Power supply, no electricity will be drawn from the Grid, but the excess electricity may be feed back into the grid for credit

When the electricity consumption is more than what the solar power system can supply, Eskom power is used to supplement the demand

There is no switching between Solar Power & Grid Power, but rather a continuous supply of both Solar Power & Grid Power with Solar Power supply being the first priority.

There is no limit to the power supply of Grid Tied systems

Grid Tied systems are ideal for reducing electricity costs, and offers the best Return on Investment of 2 to 4 years

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