Again, a big thank you to guys and the entire team – this is true customer experience on the positive end of the bar. I am totally impressed with you guys and will always sell your organisation (with some commission of course as a little incentive J) purely because of the service and experience. Do not ever change – even as your organisation grows, make sure you employ people that carry the same values as you. Always drive this…again I am totally impressed!!

Jash Dayaram

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Hi All

Just to let you know my electricity bill for Feb is R1205… This is from R1900 last year (Last year R1,29 per kWh – This year R1,39 per kWh)
I have 12 panels costing about R80 000

Electricity is going up in April again. Last year I paid R2800 in July – Looking forward to see what I generate in sunny cloudless winter.

Not SURE the math in my head but that is over 40% saving. Yes? No? Even if it is a 30% savings, what would that mean to your factories (Craig, Adrian, Mark, Grant, Rick, James)



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, Naseema Elias
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, Shaun Basel

Yesterday from 1500 we had a power outage in Parkmore. We were oblivious to the fact until Fran went to boil the kettle and the neighbour phoned to ask if we had power. The panels were still in sun light and when a friend arrived essentially we were able to entertain, watch TV, operate the snooker room and enter the evening with a braai unbothered by the failure. Oh how empowering!! The fact that it was seamless and painless is a tribute to the installation so thanks to those involved. Bring on more failures!!



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