Honingcraft Solar Power Project

“Our Relationship with the Honingcraft management team and the world class products that we install was key in the decision for Frontier to partner with us”

Download Honingcraft Solar Power Project (PDF – 989KB)

Requirements: 15 kWp
Honingcraft requires a 15 kWp pilot solar power system to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce Electricity Cost
  • Reduce Peak Demand Cost
  • Reduce Maximum Demand Cost
  • Provide Backup power to the office
  • Provide clean power to the office

Solar Power recommended a Bi-Direction system that will push access to solar power into the factory during the day:

Income Tax Incentive:
As per the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962, Part 12B – Deduction in respect of certain machinery, plant, implements, utensils and articles used in farming or production of renewable energy
Extract from Subsection (2)
The deduction contemplated in subsection (1) shall be calculated on the cost to the taxpayer of the asset, as referred to in subsection (3), and the rate of the allowance shall be – allowance of ONE year (100%).

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