#BatteryThursdays #help – Part 2 – Battery facets additional information

Solar systems with backup power requires batteries. There are a lot of vendors, brands and types of batteries available. How do I choose the best battery for my application? See today’s earlier posts for context and a comparison table.

In this post we take a closer look at ventilation and at energy cost

The placement of the batteries will influence the type of battery. If the batteries will be placed in a well ventilated place Lead Acid batteries may be used. In closed areas without ventilation, sealed batteries will be better.

Energy Cost:
The most important consideration when choosing a battery backup solution is to minimize the energy cost from the batteries

Energy Cost = Battery Price /(Energy X DOD X Cycles) /kWh

Battery Price: cost of the battery solution from your supplier

Energy: kWh storage available in the battery bank. The energy depends on the rate of discharge – it will be good to use a uniform rate of discharge of 10 hours (C10)

DOD: Depth of Discharge

Cycles: How many cycles the batteries will last at the specified DOD

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